BarcelonaForRent Apartments, socially responsible company

BarcelonaForRent Apartments cooperates with the company Bugas – Bugaderies d’Inserció, also known as Foment del Treball Col•lectiu. Through this partnership, BarcelonaForRent embodies the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its identity and business philosophy.

The CSR is an entirely voluntary contribution that companies make with society or environment. For BarcelonaForRent this cooperation with Bugas means a strong commitment with the equal opportunities for everybody and the employment of disabled people.

Bugas is a cleaning company whose employees are people at risk of social exclusion. The collaboration between BarcelonaForRent and Bugas began in May 2011, and since then, the company takes over the overall cleanliness of the apartments and provides the dry cleaning and laundry services as well.

Bugas has twelve years of experience in private cleaning, hotels, apartments, businesses and public services such as hospitals. The company is really committed to disabled people and people at risk of social exclusion, so they create jobs for these people, ensuring equal opportunities for everybody. Moreover, Bugas employees receive professional help continuously, in order to achieve the best results for their work.
As well as that, BarcelonaForRent together with Bugas review each cleaning to ensure the best quality of their apartments. There is no doubt that it influences satisfactorily in the comments we receive from our customers.

BarcelonaForRent fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility doubly by the work of Bugas. This cleaning company takes care of the environment.

In order to preserve the environment they use ecological products and modern processes. At this point BarcelonaForRent decided to collaborate with Bugas: taking care of the environment is a clear priority for both companies.

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