Let’s practice Slow Food at these restaurants

By the end of the twentieth century, during the boom of fast food and the Tupperware culture, the Slow Food initiative came on the scene: a breath of fresh air, which through gastronomy, invited out to taste the local traditions, the origins and the nature of food.

Slow Food is a kind of philosophy, a way to face life leisurely and without hurries, combining an interest in nutrition with the pleasures provided by gastronomy. The pillars of Slow Food were settled in 1989 on a gastronomic association that promotes a more traditional and respectful way of eating, under the slogan Good, Clean and Fair.

The restaurants we recommend you in Barcelona follow the philosophy Slow Food. There, you can taste unhurriedly the most traditional dishes, elaborated carefully for the most exacting palates. Let’s practice Slow Food here:


Located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, Allium Restaurant focuses on proximity cuisine, traditional flavours and ecological and Km 0 ingredients. Through its creative and market cuisine, Allium Restaurant complies with the values of Slow Food and makes the costumer enjoy the most delightful Mediterranean dishes.
Allium Restaurant


Monvínic is the perfect place in Barcelona for wine lovers. This space was founded in 2008 with the aim of becoming a divulgator centre of wine culture. The combination of a wine bar, a tasting and conferences room, a culinary space, a large team of professional sommeliers and even a club of friends customers make Monvínic a unique place dedicated to wine culture. A space to take a break and enjoy, quietly and leisurely, Slow Food with the best wines of the city.


Cinc Sentits
And to finish our selection, we want to invite you to know the Cinc Sentits restaurant. It is a restaurant of tasting located in Aribau Street, in Barcelona. The dishes of Cinc Sentits are created with the best Km 0 ingredients, relying on small producers and artisans to achieve the most genuine flavours.
Cinc Sentits has been awarded with a Michelin star, and also nominated as a “Revelation Restaurant” by Madrid Fusión.

Km 0 Slow Food Catalunya restaurants guide

These three restaurants are just a little taste of the Slow Food movement in Barcelona. If you like gastronomy and Slow Food philosophy you will be pleased to know that there is a guide called Restaurantes Km 0 Slow Food Catalunya, written by Rosa Solà and with a prologue made by Ferran Adrià. It is written in Catalan and English and you can buy it here:

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