WAY AWAY - The essential planner for your trips

Today BarcelonaForRent wants to recommend you a really helpful gadget for travelers. It is the trip planner Way Away. With Way Away you will get the best of your stay, you will not forget any single detail and you will also save lots of money on your trips.

Way Away came from the experiences of a couple of travelers from Barcelona, Belén Cañete and Pedro Armangué, who had been travelling during all their lives to stunning destinations like Brazil, Argentina or the Nordic countries. In 2008 they went around the world. To organize this trip they lost a lot of time in every country looking at never-ending lists and contrasting alternatives to visit in Internet or traditional guides. They get the idea of Way Away, a useful gadget to make the trips as easy as possible and to avoid that loss of time. The idea took shape and Way Away was born in 2010, adding all the destinations where Belén and Pedro have been travelling at first-hand.

With Way Away you will discover a new mode of travelling. The routes of Way Away have been especially designed to get the greatest benefits of your time and your money. Even so, you can change everything you want, making your personalized route, because you will travel on your own without limitations or duties.

The customers of BarcelonaForRent can purchase the guide of Barcelona prepared by Way Away for free. From BarcelonaForRent we strongly recommend this guide and we offer it in English and Spanish to the tourists who book an apartment with us. The guide is really useful and contains updated information about the touristic Barcelona, with lots of ideas of restaurants, activities and visits. Moreover, booking your apartment with BarcelonaForRent and using the free guide of Way Away you will get a discount of 50% for the guide of your next trip.

One of the key features of Way Away is the personalization of the guides. You can adapt it to your preferences and you can also download it online from your home. Way Away offers their personalized routes for 4.95€ in the cities and 19.95€ in the entire countries.

Go for it and try Way Away! Either organizing an out weekend or planning the trip of your life, go in www.way-away.com and start enjoying your experience.

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