080 Barcelona Fashion. Projecting Barcelona to the world

Year by year, 080 Barcelona Fashion keeps getting stronger and more famous as referent in international fashion and design: the edition in January 2013 has been an example of its possibilities of universal projection. 080 Barcelona Fashion is an event which aims to become a key point in international fashion.

The organization of an event as 080 is a great challenge for the city. Taking as reference of the past the worldwide prestigious Pasarela Gaudí, the 080 has as a main objective to relocate Barcelona and Catalonia in their deserved place in the international fashion scene.

This year it has been celebrated in DHUB. But the 080 changes location every year, transforming, flowing and adapting more and more to the needs and reality of this veering sector. For that, an event that started just with a footbridge has been adding progressively other groundbreaking elements.

Fotografía: http://www.ellahoy.es
In this renovated version of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the creativity and the innovation play an essential role. One of the components of the artistic direction of the event, Marí Company, is the responsible of incorporating, conducting and organizing new ideas. In January 2013, 080 Barcelona Fashion has included projects as an open area for the public, a TV Channel on the Internet or even a Fashion Contest with the participation of more than 70 designs. According to Marí Company, all this elements contribute to make the 080 an event more important and with and increasing international vocation.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of this event, we show you the names of the main designers that have participated in this edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion.

- Aldomartins
- Bóboli
- Cóndor
- Custo Barcelona
- Desigual
- Escorpion
- Javier Simorra
- Naulover
- Mango
- Slazenger
- Torras
- Yerse
- Alexis Reyna
- Brain&Beast
- Celia Vela
- Jan Iú Més for Punto Blanco
- Josep Abril
- Juan Pedro López
- Justicia Ruano
- Katarina Grey
- Manuel Bolaño
- Martínez Lierah
- Míriam Ponsa
- Schipper / Arques
- Sur
- Who
- Zazo & Brull

Since the beginning, the 080 has been firmly committed to projecting new artists, great potentials of innovation, talent and ideas for the sector. In this way, really great brands as Custo, Desigual or Mango has shared the scene with young designers.

Fotografía: http://blog.desigual.com/
The relation of Barcelona with fashion and design has a really great history, but is specially nourished of an exciting future with all this emerging designers as leaders. For these young artists, the 080 Barcelona Fashion is an opportunity, a springboard but also a really powerful way to project them to the world from Barcelona.

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